Morning all.

Again, I’ve been meaning to write but things keep getting in the way.  These days I seem to find it easier to write poetry than to sit down and pour my heart on this blog.  Not entirely sure why. I don’t even know if that will last long or if one day, it will just stop.

I’ve been feeling compelled to write something but not anything in particular. This time it’s a case of writing for the sake of writing. Currently I’m listening to Nelly’s ‘Ride Wit Me’, yes I know; my musical taste is spectacular, ha!  There’s a Wiz Khalifa song that a repeat these days, ‘Promises’. If you don’t know it, please listen to it. It’s about being let down, I guess lately I’ve been feeling let down. You know, people will only help you for their own selfish intentions. I’ve learned that the hard way. Anyway I’ll go into that more when I feel more awake. My Tim Hortons tea isn’t having the desired effect right now.  

There are a lot of things that I have neglected to mention. A new year is upon us, I flew home to visit family, I’m back in Canada but I’ll be moving soon again. You guys have missed out on a lot but I’ll sit down and fill you all in soon enough Perhaps tomorrow, if I make the time to write.

Anyway, it’s late and my back hurts. Anyone of you good at massages? No?

Night all