So yeah – How does one take a compliment?  I know this may seem kind of a stupid question, but I’m not used to it.  It’s not very often that I get compliments.  The ones that I do get are usually are from friends or family members.  Those usually just feel weird.  It’s as if they say these words to make me feel better but don’t really mean it.  And don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to have such nice people around me but it doesn’t help the situation.

Anyway, the reason I am asking is because of what happened on Sunday past.  I was out with a friend, we were reminiscing over a cup of tea in Tim Hortons.  It’s this awesome chain coffee and tea place, way better than Starbucks!  It was a nice moment shared and it marked having known her for a year.  So as we go to leave I see a Singh waiting in line to get his order.  He does ‘the nod’ – It’s a Sikh thing.  When a fellow Singh, meets another Singh we do ‘the no, it’s like a handshake reserved just for Sardars.  It’s a bloody awesome feeling!  Every time it happens it makes me more and more proud to be a Sardar.

This particular Sardar was impressed by my Dastar.  My Dastar is something I take a lot of pride in.  Above everything else, each day I wrap it around my head with love. Each fold represents history, culture and a beautiful lineage.  You’ve no idea what it means to me to be able to wear my Dastar.  If only I could articulate what it means to me.  The fact that he stopped and took the time to compliment me was overwhelming.  I’ve struggled with being able to tie my Dastar for quite some time.  Only recently have I been able to get to grips with it and feel good about the man I want to be.  But I was so taken aback by his kind words.  I really didn’t know how to respond.  So I just stood there dumbfounded and he talked away.  He told me it ‘looked sharp’ and that he was ‘envious’.  I can sit now and laugh but at the time I was speechless.  He asked questions and wanted tips but I really did not know how to answer him.  So I mumbled a few words and shook his hand.  It was a touching moment that I won’t ever forget.  It felt like my hard work over the years had actually paid off.  Someone actually acknowledged me and my Dastar.  He told me that ‘it was toed very well’ and that ‘the colour really suited me’.  FYI – I was wearing hot pink, there is a picture of me that day below.  The biggest reason this got to me was because it was a fellow Sardar that acknowledged me.  He was an older guy and he really appreciated me and it made my day.  I’m still thinking about it and I have a smile on my face because of it.


As I was saying, how does one deal with compliments?  Genuine compliments?  Please help me out here as I am not used to getting them.  Thank you again for reading my boring little, please forgive any mistakes.

Thank you Jas xx