My Friends

Ingenuous Ink Poetry

Turban-Esque is the creation of Jaskirat Chahal and Jaskaran Chauhan. Yes I know more Jas's, but we are awesome. I had the pleasure of meeting these two guys in the summer of 2014, at a poetry slam event I was attending in Vancouver. They are amazing people and in the short time that their site has been around, it has gained a lot of attention. They are international now! Please stop by and give them love and support, they are doing amazing work for Tunban wearers world wide.


Ingenuous Ink Poetry, is the brain child of a man called James Baker. He is an amazing person and a very dear friend, he's family. He has also been a mentor to me over the last year and has helped me hone my writing skills. His words on paper, bring tears to my eyes and give hope to my heart. He is a true inspiration. You can check out his work by clicking the link below

Ingenuous Ink