Here I am laid bare, for the world to see,

My heart and soul, bleed crimson upon paper.

Poetry has become a part of me, a way for me to cope with all the things that life throws at you. From falling in love and losing that person, to moving half way across the world and starting life over. It came to me at the right time of my life and I am thankful. I hope you all enjoy reading my words, as much as I did writing them.


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Recently I released my first book, 'From My Ashes, Flowers Will Bloom'. This is a collection of poems that I wrote over the last year. These are now availiable online at various stores. For anyone living in America, you can now get it from and if you live in Europe you can purchase it from If you would like a signed copy, you can order it through my Etsy store, remember these are limited.